On “Good Arguments” (and Bad Ones)

1. "Arguments require us to disclose ourselves in a way that physical brawls or simple forbearance do not. In conflict with the world, we discover the boundaries of who we are and what we believe." Good Arguments is a book written recently by Bo Seo, a writer at the Australian Financial Review who debated for … Continue reading On “Good Arguments” (and Bad Ones)

Eelgrass and a Confucian Contradiction

Confucius once said that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. I was vaguely persuaded by this precept until I was recently attacked, upon leaving my house, by an intimidating flock of crows. I find crows uniquely repulsive — it’s some combination of their unpredictable fluttering, irritating shrillness, and also probably their near-daily attempts … Continue reading Eelgrass and a Confucian Contradiction